Looking for a little change in your life?  Coaching might just be a super stellar solution.

Coaching is a commitment to making changes, through a focus on goals and dreams, behavior, habits and thinking.  My role is to support you on a personal and individualized journey.  You’re the driver, but I ride shot-gun and help navigate the map.  Sessions are judgement free and agenda free, with a goal of digging deeper.  

I take a very holistic approach to health and well-being.  Every aspect of life (work, relationships, sleep, nutrition, etc.) impacts physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, so by exploring various facets we can hone in on what you really want, what moves you, and what inspires you, then work together to progress in creating the legacy you want your life to be.    

  • FREE 30 minute consult for all new clients
  • One-on-one sessions (available in-person, Skype, or telephonic)
    • 3 forty-five minute sessions (over the course of 3-6 weeks)
      • $200.00
    • 6 forty-five minute sessions (over the course of 8-16 weeks)
      • $400.00
    • 12 forty-five minute sessions (over the course of 4-6 months)
      • $700.00


I also offer options to bring out the best in big ole’ groups, businesses or teams.  If your organization is in need of a culture shift, communication coaching, improved productivity, or just some solid inspiration, let me lead the way. 

  • Small group sessions (for any group, business, or team of up to 12 people)
    • Single one-hour session
      • $200.00
    • 3-session series (one-hour each)
      • $500.00
  • Large group presentation  (for any group, business, or team of 12+ people)
    • Single 1-hour session
      • $500.00


(Please note that I am not a mental health care provider.  If you’re struggling with mental illness, reach out to a professional mental health care provider in your area.)