6 Tips To Loving Yourself

Beautiful young girl in the hat taking picture of herself, selfiWomen tend to be nurturers.  And while we’re busy taking care of the people around us, we often neglect ourselves.  Sometimes that neglect can take a toll on our self-worth, self-love and confidence and we suddenly find ourselves in a state of less-than.  Every persons harbors great potential, but when our love for ourselves is lacking that potential is less-than it could be.  So follow these simple tips for self-love success.

  1. Be active.  A strong and active body is a beautiful body.  It doesn’t matter what your workout preference is, or if you just enjoy active endeavors like walks or hiking.  If you’re taking a little time out of most days to move your body, you’ll feel much better about it.  It’s easy to be overly-critical and focus on flaws, but when you’re putting effort into something it’s much easier to see the positives.   
  2. Eat things that make you feel good.  We all enjoy a cook pizza binge or entire bag of chips from time to time.  But if we’re being honest with ourselves, those overindulgences often leave us feeling like total shit.  So 98% of the time, take care of yourself.  Eat things that make you feel energetic and vivacious…not sluggish and guilty.  Choose real food.  Chicken, strawberries, bell peppers, water.  And occasionally treat yourself to a cupcake or piece of candy.  But fuel your body for feeling good.
  3. Sleep.  Always so much to do.  I know.  But sleep is like the fountain of youth.  Get into a routine and for the most part, stick to it.  Do the things that calm you, mind and body.  Turn your phone to “do not disturb” and shut you mind and television off.  Then sleep.  For 7-10 hours.  Sleep reduces stress, helps your immune system and provides tons of general health benefits.  So take advantage of some of the best (and free) medicine available, and sleep.    
  4. Schedule alone time.  We are surrounded by a world of constant communication and chaos.  And our spirits need to be removed from that to refresh.  Although a girls night out is great, and a get away with your lover is lovely, there’s something unique about time alone.  Embrace the quiet and find some peace in something you enjoy doing on your own.  
  5. Pick an indulgence.  Treat yourself to something you love.  For some, that might mean an amazing meal or dessert.  For others, a pricey pair of shoes or weekend get-away might be more your gig.  Whatever it is, make it a priority.  It might be a big purchase once a year on your birthday, or a massage each month.  But it’s important to commit a little time and money to something you cherish.
  6. Express gratitude.  Loving yourself isn’t actually all about you.  It sounds strange, but the energy you put out will come back in some way.  It’s nice to imagine that people gift time and money to causes just because they care…but it also has something to do with the way it makes them feel.  Being selfless can have a more powerful positive emotional affect than receiving.  While giving is a great thing, I believe even more strongly in expressing gratitude.  It’s free, it takes only seconds, it’s meaningful, and both parties leave that moment with a feeling of positivity.  Get your gratitude on.

How you feel about yourself shows in a major way.  It can have a major effect on relationships, success and even health.  Amazing spouses and moms and care-givers around the world worry about everybody but themselves.  But it’s time to shift a little focus to you.  Unleash your potential and be your best version with a little self-love.

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