Chronicles of a Sugar Addict: Part 4

Monster-Cookies-2I haven’t blogged lately.  But I have consumed a few monster cookies and a bag of mini Twix (while I watched the documentary Fed Up).  Yes…I fell off the wagon.  

Things were off to a rockin-good start.  I made it about 40 days strong.  No candy, no desserts and no sugar-packed snacks or foods.  But I found myself leaning on peanut butter toast and bites of my kids mac-n-cheese to get through some of the cravings.  And after I did it once, it became easier to do it again, and again.  I’d only committed to not eating candy and desserts so I kept making excuses for myself to indulge in other crap.  Although I was feeling better in workouts, it wasn’t the drastic change I knew was possible.  

At about the 35 day mark I decided I wanted to step it up.  I wanted to go strict Paleo, except for oatmeal, corn, and cheese.  I make those exceptions because I’ve tested them out in my daily diet following a Whole30, and they don’t seem to pose problems for me.  Bread and pasta and crackers and chips, however, do.  So they gotta go.  Anyway, as I psyched myself up for some healthy living, my parents invited us over for pizza…and my mom had freshly-baked, still hot, monster cookies sitting on the counter.  I couldn’t say no.  So I had 3, over a 2-day period.  And they were amazing.  

I was a little disappointed in my lack of willpower, but told myself it was my “treat” before going to the next level.  It was around day 40 that my husband suggested we watch “Fed Up,” a documentary about how shitty the food around us is.  It’s a great flick.  And as I sat there, eating some mini Twix, I came to a realization.  Although I already knew most of what they were telling me, the facts they splashed across the screen reminded me how powerful words can be; writing goals down, making motivational quotes visible, etc.  My greatest successes with healthy eating have come with documenting my meals.  So this week, I hit it a little harder drawing inspiration from the documentary that so candidly lays out our societal addiction to sugar and the power it has over us.  It’s sick.  I will keep a food log just to hold myself accountable and be sure I’m eating enough variety.  And I will force my kids to try some of the stuff I make…they might just like it.

Wish me luck.  I feel solid with the no candy thing, but the crackers and toast are easy go-to’s.  Changing habits takes hard work.  But this isn’t just a 6 week thing for me at this point.  While I’ll see it through another 2 weeks of super clean eats, my plan is to practice the 80/20 rule even after.  Real food, cooked at home, 80 percent of the time.  With a little wiggle room for pizza and ice cream and whatever else that 20 percent of the time.  Life is about moderation.  And while the next 2 weeks won’t allow for shitty food, in the long run I know I can’t be perfect.  So here’s to balance.  And feeling damn good.    


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