Chronicles of a Sugar Addict: Part 3

Opened notepad and cup of coffee with donut on old wooden table. Top viewThey say that psychologically, your odds of successfully tackling a goal are much higher if you prioritize and do one thing at a time.  So, my commitment to rekindling my relationship with my health began with ridding my body of candy and desserts.  The first 2-3 weeks were rough, but successful.  And as the cravings subsided, I knew it was time for step 2: stepping up my game in the gym.

As I dove back into daily workouts, I had a revelation.  I think I fell so far off track with my diet, in part, because I wasn’t hitting the gym.  I wasn’t pushing my body enough to realize the toll my diet was taking on my performance.  The food (sugar, specifically) I was eating would give me energy highs and lows, and while I would ride the high to be productive, I would use the low as an excuse to skip the gym.  And skipping the gym left me comfortable, and somewhat unaware of my deteriorating level of fitness.      

Well now I’m fully aware.  I suck.  My body hates me and what I’ve done to it.  And regression is a bitch.  It’s so easy to regress, and so difficult to get back what you lost.  It’s a mental challenge to find yourself in a place you never planned to be.  I rarely lack pride in my abilities, but given that I’m so far behind where I know my potential lies, and knowing how much work it will take to reach my potential….frustrating.  At myself.  

So this week is humbling.  I’m empowered with regards to my sugar addiction.  And while the gym is frustrating I’m not disheartened or discouraged…I’m motivated.  I know what I can do and I’m willing to work through what will likely amount to a few months of really trying workouts to get back to where I was….and hopefully closer to where I know I can be.  

I miss ice cream and doughnuts and candy and lazy days.  But I taste progress.  And it’s sweeter than any candy.

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