Chronicles of a Sugar Addict: Part 2

Lollipop heart on vintage wooden backgroundIf you missed Part 1, and why I started this 60-day journey of sugar detox, click here.  

I love sugar.  But we need to break-up.  Sugar doesn’t treat me (or anybody else) well.  Sugar is an asshole.

I’m 1 week in.  And I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t suck from time to time.  The first day or 2 didn’t pose much challenge.  But day 3 hit, and so did the headaches (the kind that feel like a symbol is in your brain, and somebody keeps hitting it).  And the desire to stop at gas stations and secretly snarf a bag of candy in my car where nobody could witness the impulsive act.  But I held back.  Dried fruit and protein shakes are my sweet saviors at the moment, and although the severe headaches have subsided I’m still struggling with mild headaches, restless sleep, and general lack of appetite for anything outside of the sweet or processed carb world.   But I know if I can hang on, the bad stuff will pass and my sleep will be sound, and my taste buds will wake up, and the cravings won’t control my thoughts. 

Here’s the thing.  We punish our bodies by fueling them with shit.  Then we expect things to change instantly when we make an adjustment.  But your body wants to fight back…it’s like a spoiled rotten child throwing a tantrum in a store.  It wants that damn sugar.  And it will do anything to get it.  It tests your will and your self-control.  And while walking away or giving in are options, the long-term consequences would be detrimental.  In a world of immediate gratification, tolerating slow processes can wear on your patience.  But breaking bad habits take time and commitment.  It’s not easy.

It’s funny.  You see movies and commercials with the stereotypical drug addict…a person who has constant internal debate.  The angel and devil on your shoulders.  And we judge them.  But most of us are no different.  It’s easy to cave, but so many of the successful recovered addicts say regardless of how long you’ve been sober, it’s still one day at a time.  I am a firm believer that our society has created an entire population of sugar addicts.  And it’s no joking matter.  We hear the statistics on obesity and cancer and all sorts of scary shit, and the easy answers are 12 day juicing cleanses, pills, wraps, powders and a bunch of other bull.  I’ll tell you now that a quick aesthetic fix isn’t going to help the much bigger problem.  What it really comes down to, is that most of us have severe sugar addiction and lack the knowledge and insight to make the appropriate changes.

I’m starting small…with candy and desserts.  I’m not giving up everything I love or holding myself to overly strict standards.  But I recognize that my body breaks down when my sugar intake is out of control.  So I’m changing that.  Real foods.  Whole foods.  Cooking for my family.  Tossing out packaged and processed crap.  It’s a starting point for a healthy lifestyle.  You should try too.  

Stay tuned for more updates.  I still have 8 weeks to go, but I’m fully on board with beating my addiction.  Again.   

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  1. Robin Mebus

    I feel like we should start an online OA meeting. I’m starting over too but I have to swing to the other side (whole 30). What’s so insane is my belief that I can “manage” the adfiction. Keep writing Abi…I’m listening.


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