Chronicle of a Sugar Addict: Part 1

JordanCreek_AbiReiland_0914_017I’m Abi.  And I’m addicted to sugar.  I’m not talking about the cute, random piece of chocolate cravings.  I’m talking about a bag of jelly beans for breakfast, 4 packs of sugar in half a cup of coffee, or a dinner of sugar covered cherry slices.  It’s bad.  And the truth is, while I may not appear to be unhealthy, I’m doing things to my blood sugar and body that would make even the Easter Bunny cringe.  Since I was young, I’ve had a sweet tooth that could rival any addict.  And I’ve worked on it a lot in my adult years.  But I’m far from perfect.  I could count my relapses on 4 hands…ok, 5.  But today, I recommit myself to my health.

Like everybody else in the world, I’m good at making excuses.  At some point in my head, I formulated a list of things that occurred over the last few months and turned them into an excuse for eating crap and not working out.  We moved the gym, hosted a major event, our entire family took turns getting sick, I got myself a bulging disc in my back…pretty good list, huh?!  But the fact is, those things are all the more reason to take care of myself.  When I’m eating well and working out regularly I feel strong, and energetic.  I sleep well and have amazing focus.  My hair is fantastic and my lifts are heavy.  But when I let excuses get the best of me, I turn into a less confident and sloppy version of myself.  I get tired and irritable, my workouts are crap, and even my sex life isn’t up to par.

So today, I say enough.  Enough excuses, enough feeling down about shit I have total control over.  Enough crap in my diet and enough with the sugar craving controlling my meal plans.  Enough pathetic squats and enough avoiding really difficult workouts.  I’m need to be a great example to my gym members, my family, and just for myself.  So today I begin a challenge.  On my own.  60 days of no candy, no desserts, no sweets.  I’ll maintain some sugar in my diet but restrict it to fruits and foods that are not so obviously packed full of sugar.  I refuse to let a craving control me and I refuse to continue making excuses.  You should too.

It’s cheesy, but the whole “your body is a temple” thing is true.  If you care for it, it’s likely to last you a long damn time.  It’ll look better, function better, and be stronger.  But if you fall into the excuses trap, the foundation will crumble and leave you working with rubble.  I think healthy is defined differently for everybody.  My healthy doesn’t mean perfectly Paleo every second of my life.  It also doesn’t mean 2-a-day workouts.  It means consistency.  In my meal choices and my activity.  That’s it.  And I’ll continue to work at it until I feel I’ve achieved a perfect balance.

Stay tuned for updates.  This week is bound to be one of withdrawal and crankiness.  Yay, detox.  Hello, health.


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  1. Libby U

    Thanks for the motivation Abi!! I have been toying with the idea of cutting out sugar. Its a slippery slope and way to easy to let 3 thin mints turn into the whole sleeve. I am excited to hear your progress and hopefully I can follow your example 🙂

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