8 Habits of Happy Couples

happy-coupleIt could be said that no relationship is perfect.  It’s inevitable that throughout life challenges will befall you, conflict will arise, and and obstacles will present themselves.  So it’s less about the pursuit of perfection and more about perfecting how you pursue happiness with your partner.  Establishing habits that nurture the love between you and your significant other takes conscious effort.  Practice these 10 healthy habits on the regular for a happy romance.  


1. Have sex.

This may seem obvious, but there comes a point in every relationship when the physical passion dwindles.  People get busy, children are born, jobs wear demand endless amounts of energy…and your partner drops to the bottom of your TO-DO list (literally).  But the benefits of sex are emotional AND physiological, so it should be considered the homeopathic prescription for strife.  So whether it’s spontaneous or scheduled, make the move and get your groove on.

2. Eat together.

Meals are a cultural means of social interaction.  It’s not just about people stuffing their faces with fantastic food, it’s also about spending time with the ones you love, conversing, and connecting.  Make at least one meal per day a time to sit down with your significant other.  Might be a lengthy date night, or a quick coffee in your kitchen.  Those moments together will do wonders in solidifying your love. 

3. Argue productively.

Fighting is a waste of time.  But arguing is healthy when practiced productively.  When there’s a point to be made or a disagreement to be hashed out, keeping a calm demeanor and introducing only valid information is the best approach.  Screaming and sarcasm is not only counter productive, but also condescending.  Show some respect for what your partner has to say and things will work out.

4. Hug and kiss.  Outside the bedroom.

Touch is underestimated.  Physical connection on a very regular basis offers both parties feelings of affection.  Make sure that throughout a day you pause for a peck or offer a big bear hug.  Embracing one another engages, and keeps the warmth alive.   

5. Communicate.

Talking keeps us keen on our lovers frustrations, fixations, and fantasies.  Don’t believe for a minute that a lengthy union means you can read minds.  As individuals age and continue to grow, it’s important that their thoughts and feelings are out in the open.  You should be the secret-keeper, the therapist, and the best friend to your significant other.

6. Set aside alone time.

Friends, family, kids, neighbors, co-workers, Facebook acquaintances and random strangers will suck your free time dry.  Unless you set some aside.  Some people believe that scheduling time alone destroys the romance.  But my experience dictates that if I don’t intentionally block off time, it will undoubtedly fill up with football games to watch, closets to clean, and errands to run.  Whether it’s a regularly occurring date, or a spontaneous vacation, be sure you get some time to coexist without distractions.

7. Embrace annoying habits.

It’s easy to let annoying things eat away at your patience.  But if you’re committed to spending your life with another person, you better learn to find even their most aggravating habits endearing.  Although some bad habits may gradually fade away, others are hardwired and won’t be going anywhere.  Learn to laugh, and apply some humility and humor to the situation.  You’re probably annoying sometimes too.

8. Live jealousy-free.

Jealousy is like a festering infection.  It can turn something lovely into something repulsive and painful.  If the jealousy is derived from a history of deceit, there are two options; end it, or get over it.  If the jealousy is based on assumptions, voice your concerns rationally, then know that you did your part and move on.  And if it’s coming from a place of personal insecurity, put some work into yourself.  Allowing such a powerful and negative emotion to control the path you and your partner are on will result in nothing good.  Drop the jealous thoughts.

Although spouses and significant others are supposed to be a huge piece of the foundation of our lives, we often neglect and take them for granted.  Ensure that your pairing promotes happiness and love by practicing healthy relationship habits.


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