Ode To At-Home Moms

motherhoodI do not stay home with my children.  Nor do I have any desire to.  I realize that sounds calloused, but here’s the thing…I love my kids and the time I spend with them fiercely, but I think that fact that I’m able to step away during the day and commit my passions to my career helps me appreciate them more than I might otherwise.  I have a selfish streak, and dedicating endless amounts of time to my babies wouldn’t be enough for me.  Now some women are born with a commitment and passion for family.  This has nothing to do with their IQ or ambition, they simply have strengths that lend themselves well to child-rearing.  They love babes and selflessly make a career of motherhood.  And that’s no small thing.

I won’t lie.  In college I believed stay-at-home mothers to be women who couldn’t hang in the professional world.  Women who wanted a rich man to care for them while they got pedicures and massages.  That was before I had children.  Now I realize the only reason I’m able to do what I love, is because they are doing what I could not and would not.  I now understand that I’m spoiled to work in a world with independent adults and paychecks after a rough week.  At-home-moms, on the other hand, cater to needy nuggets, and their tedious work never ends and never rewards them with bonuses and vacation days.  

So for their many hours of stress and struggle, and their few moments of rest and relaxation, I thank the stay-at-home mothers of the world.  Thank you for doing a job too difficult for most.  Thank you for eagerly engaging in feedings and playtime.  Thank you for juggling tantrums and teething.  Thank you for attending to accidents.  Thank you for kissing knees and wiping tears.  Thank you for cooking and cleaning more than the majority of people.  Thank you for waking up early and staying up late.  Thank you for lessons and laundry.  Because moms and the other people who share their passions contribute to the very fiber of who our children will become.  The in-home daycare ladies.  The teachers and coaches.  All the individuals who love our kids when we’re away.   

It’s easy to believe the grass is greener on the other side.  It’s easy to think you have it harder than the rest.  So whether you’re a single career focused female, or a married mom of 5, know that you’re a badass.  We are all born with a back pocket full of talent.  Go for what you’re good at; be a mom, be upper-management, just be magnificent and respect that where you lack, you depend on others to fill the gap.  And sometimes those folks deserves a thank you.

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